The Horn Book
With a jacket showing Benjamin Franklin as a cross between a mad scientist and a superhero standing
amid wild lightning bolts and surrounded by all manner
of electrical devices, this book shimmers with excitement, begging to be read. Nicely developed
and designed. (more)

© 2012 Robert Byrd.
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Publishers Weekly
Byrd pushes the bounds of the picture-book format
in this exhaustive exploration of the life of Benjamin Franklin. There's a wealth of information to be found
as Byrd covers Franklin 's early printing days; It's a fascinating and comprehensive portrait, and an
asset for student research
. (more)

Kirkus Reviews
Byrd finds a way to convey with warmth and enthusiasm
an appreciation for the long and influential life that Franklin lived as printer, inventor and statesman. Byrd’s sparkling marriage of text and illustration lowers the barriers to comprehending the brilliance, energy, passion and inventiveness of this early American phenom. (more)

The New York Times Book Review
As founding fathers go, Franklin has to be the most exceptionally well suited to children’s biography.
Byrd's latest is a real stand out — as bright, witty, informative and cleverly organized as the man himself
— with richly detailed and colorful ink drawings, often infused with humor. (more)

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