Get to Know Liam

About Liam Gibson

Liam Gibson is an up-and-coming artist who works in the Robert Byrd Art Gallery. He was born and raised in a small town in Oregon, where he first developed his love of art from a young age. After high school, Liam attended the University of Oregon and received his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. During this time, he began to show off his artwork at local galleries around Portland and soon gained recognition for his abstract expressionism.

After college, Liam moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career as an artist full-time. He quickly found success when he was hired by Robert Byrd Art Gallery as their main artist and has been working there ever since. He has had multiple exhibitions throughout California and even participated in a group show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Francisco. His artwork often reflects themes related to nature, dreams, and surrealism; making it quite popular with viewers.

Liam’s dedication to his craft has earned him a reputation as one of the most talented artists in the gallery world today. He continues to work hard while maintaining a positive attitude toward creating unique pieces that capture people’s imagination.