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Red Light Therapy Mats

Red light therapy mats are growing in popularity thanks to interest from researchers, universities, and hospitals and affordable at-home devices. The possibilities for this type of photobiomodulation (or PBM)—the use of certain wavelengths of light to treat a range of health and cosmetic concerns—are endless. Currently, research supports the efficacy of PBM for pain relief, wound healing, and anti-aging.

When looking for a device, it’s best to talk with a dermatologist or pain specialist first to establish if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Once you’ve determined that you are, do a little research on the various available products. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best red light therapy mats, including:

Revitalize Your Health and Wellness with Red Light Therapy Mats: A Comprehensive Guide

The SGROW heat/red light therapy mat is designed with 1260 LED pieces that emit light at two different wavelengths — 660 nm and 850 nm. The device also generates near-infrared heat, which may add to the relaxation and recovery benefits you receive from this product.

One thing to note is that this product does not come with a Bemer device. The Bemer mat emits a pulsing magnetic field and is great for the entire body while the red light therapy device is better for skin and targeted treatment. Check out our PEMF mat page for other options that come with a Bemer spot applicator.